Software Re-Engineering

As the technology trend changes and the number of users increase, there is often a need to re-engineer the system to adapt to the new technology or address the important issues of new security risks, provide scalability to improve the overall system performance, increase the efficiency of the overall system, and adopt to new business processes or methods which have recently evolved. In such scenarios it is critical to re-engineer a system to be competitive in the market space.

Our Software re-engineering services include:

Architectural Changes:

  • Introducing New Technology
  • Changing the System/Application Design
  • Accommodating New Requirements
  • Adapting to Compliance
  • Enhancing System Performance

Migration to new Platforms:

  • Simple Migration to a new Platform
  • Functionality Uplift Followed by Migrating to a New Platform

System Refactoring:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Improving Performance
  • Scalability
  • Functional Uplift and Re-factoring
  • Straight Re-factoring

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