Software Design & Development

MedSoftSys Inc provides complete custom software design and development services to its clients. The company is fully committed to provide its services from any stage of product evolution process;

  • From well-defined requirements or specification to product
  • From product architecture/design to product development
  • From a just a concept phase to prototyping and full product development.

MedSoftSys has right experience to deliver a reliable and a cost effective custom software solution as per your product requirements.

MedSoftSys follows the process of agile product development and thereby provides an iterative software system development process model which allows our customers to quickly see the overall progress, measure effectiveness and customize the specification thereby accelerating the company’s growth. MedSoftSys Inc through its effective and responsive team is able to provide an excellent commitment in keeping up with the software development schedule and cost.

Success factors

MedSoftSys follows a structured and well defined process of software development and ensures a strict monitoring of software development quality, timeline and cost. We emphasize on the following:

Project Management:

Follow a structured process of project management and reporting thereby making sure to keep all out clients informed on the regular basis. Further the company enforces progress updates and process of documentation in order to provide an excellent quality and by complying with the timeline without exceeding the cost of software development.

Quality Assurance:

MedSoftSys has highly experienced and professional test engineers who ensures the quality assurance. These experts extensively test your software and provide the quality assurance and audit its guarantees that you always get correct understanding of the quality and will be able to make informed decisions based on that information.

Technologies and processes:

MedSoftSys is experienced in developing custom software with various technologies and platforms as per the customer requirements. Our expertise and skills allows us to execute any project and satisfy customer requirements, expectations and preferences.

Intellectual Property Protection:

MedSoftSys follows strict Intellectual Property Protection guidelines. The company is focused on delivering service type business model and ensures that all the intellectual property right and ownership belongs to its clients.

Productivity and Timely Delivery:

MedSoftSys is a software company located in the State of Florida in United States. The company location ensures a productive environment by avoiding the loss of time in communication. However for the large projects, company uses its offshore development team for co-product development in order to ensure a low cost software development. Please see the link for our pricing models for more details.


MedSoftSys provides software development services for various domains but not limited to:

Mobile application development:

We provide wide variety of mobile application development for various mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

SaaS application development:

MedSoftSys delivers a full-cycle SaaS model solution development, deployment and support. We develop standalone application with SaaS model or provide custom applications to be integrated with existing SaaS platform.

Web Based Software Systems:

MedSoftSys develops customized rich web applications, sites and portals for start-ups to corporate and internet-focused projects such as eCommerce, medical Systems, Social Networking, Online gaming, Online Services and Order Processing among others.

Custom and Enterprise Software Development:

We have skills and expertise in designing and developing enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Supply Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and other Business Process Management Systems and domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions.

Standalone/Desktop Application Development:

MedSoftSys Provides software development services for cross-platform standalone and client-server business applications ensuring high performance, scalability and usability.

Embedded systems:

We offer embedded systems and device interfaces development, custom driver development and high-performance applications design.

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