Quality policy

MedSoftSys follows “Software Quality Assurance” methods that adhere to the quality assurance at every phase of Software Development Life Cycle. We aim to provide quality and consistent results through well-defined processes that have been tested over time. Purpose of the Software Quality Assurance Plan is to establish a uniform Software Development Process, which is applicable throughout the software development life cycle.

MedsoftSys further strongly enforces the process of continuous improvement based on customer feedback. Our policies and commitment to customer satisfaction has enabled us to achieve unsurpassed accuracy, consistent deliver and high productivity.

MedSoftSys is a process oriented company and strictly follows a well-defined structured process of project management and overall project execution allowing us to achieve high quality of development over the years.

MedSoftSys is strongly committed to the continuous quality improvement of all its services offered to our customers. Every project goes through a rigorous process of periodic reporting and project status updates by the project steering committee in order to ensure the enforcement of quality policies set by the company.