Project Management

MedSoftSys Inc. Processes for Contract Execution, Software Development and Reporting Updates

Contract Execution Process Flow:

  • The contract execution process starts with general discussions with the client related to size of the project, a broad scope of work, the timeline expectations, and any budget expectations if the company is willing to provide.
  • This stage leads into the development of formal scope of work and requirements document which will be presented to MedSoftSys for providing detailed contract proposal.
  • MedSoftSys develops a contract proposal comprising of budget details, project schedule, deliverables, technologies, tools and languages to be used in the project and payment schedule for the project.
  • Upon Agreement, a formal contract proposal is signed, a NDA is established between both parties, and a project is project progress review is established.
  • MedSoftSys then sets us the project management environment and provides access to the client to review the project progress report.
  • Monthly meetings may be scheduled in order to demonstrate the project progress and milestone achieved.
  • If new project requirements are generated during the project execution then the process of updating the requirements, deliverables, timeline and budget is followed and supplement contract is added to the original contract.

Project Development and Execution Process:

  • MedSoftSys follows the process of Agile Development Methodology
  • Upon the contract execution the detailed system requirements are discussed with the project managers
  • The Vice president/technical head communicates with the system engineer to set up the project development environment
  • The project manager sets up the project management environment which comprises of:
    • Project Milestones and project resource allocations for milestones
    • Bug Reporting system
    • Version Control System
    • Project Components and the tasks are then created and distributed to the team leads
  • Each Team lead develops a test plan and discusses the plan with the project Manager
  • Each lead team distributes the tasks to their respective teams for execution
  • All the tasks follow a continuous process of:
    • Design, develop, test, integrate, demonstrate and report completion process

Monthly Project Status Report Management Process:

  • There will be a monthly project status updates report which will be generated and sent to the client
  • The report writing process is initiated by the project manager
  • The project steering committee reviews the report, discusses the report and works with the manager in competing the report
  • The report is then reviewed by the project team lead to ensure all details and updates are correctly highlighted
  • Finally the report is reviewed by the vice president/company technical head
  • Technical head after reviewing the report provides the feedback on project execution to the project lead and the steering committee
  • The report is then sent to the client