Pricing Models

MedSoftSys Inc with its vast experience in software development provides three different types of pricing models. These pricing models are well thought in order to attract various sizes of project and custom fit customer’s needs. We believe no two clients have same requirements so we give different options to clients to select a model that best suits their requirements.

Fixed Cost Project Delivery:
This model is suitable for the projects which have well defined set of requirements or have a clear scope of work which could be defined in a set of clear and fixed requirements. In such cases our fixed cost software development model is best suitable.

We guarantee on time delivery of software as per predefined requirements and cost. Each project would be assigned a dedicated team in order to execute your project.

Time and Material Cost:
This model is more suitable for the clients who do not have a set of fixed requirements or their requirements regularly change. In some cases clients expect to get dedicated developers and project manager. This model is suitable for both such scenarios. In this model client has the flexibility to speed up the development time by adding more resources or stop the project as per their convenience/requirements.

Local Development:
For the clients who have small projects, off-shoring does not make a good business sense since there is a loss of productivity in communication and remote team/project management. For such client we provide the option of complete software development locally following any of the two pricing models as mentioned above (Fixed Cost Project Delivery or Time and Material Cost).

Local and Offshore Development:
This is a distributed software development model for the clients which have large projects. For such clients we provide the complete project management and requirement analysis, specification development and software design locally, while co-developing the software joint with our outsourcing center. Later the software testing is completed by our offshore team, thereby providing the cost advantage to the project without the loss in overall productivity.

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