Health Care

MedSoftSys provides a full range of IT integration, deployment and support services to the software market through our complete healthcare software solutions. MedSoftSys provides effective “Integration Technology Services” in order to allow your business save time and money while increasing the efficiency of your organization.

We have experience to provide a comprehensive review of an organization’s Healthcare Processes & Infrastructure to enhance organizational collaboration, maintain regulatory compliance, lower healthcare costs, and improve the quality of patient care. These further provide suggestions to increase the efficiency within your budget while satisfying your requirements and needs.

MedSoftSys has expertise in developing and delivering:

  • Certified Electronic Health Records & Patient Health Records
  • ROTA Scheduling System
  • Clinical Information Systems
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Disease Management Systems
  • Health and Wellness Programs and Tools Such as Risk Assessment, Lifestyle Management
  • Healthcare Utilization Tracking
  • ePrescription
  • Office, Scheduling and Revenue Management Tools, Medical Billing System
  • Care Coordination Tools

Examples of Our Developed Applications and Expertise:

ROTA System

MeD-Roster is a rostering software, which helps the individual department to mange their rota more effectively. It allows the department to plan, allocate and adjust individual sessional activity with access to on-calls and leave management with our secure online support. The system accommodates flexible working pattern and annualized contracts.

MeD-Roster system is flexible and with a simple initial set-up interface. The software is equipped with a vast reporting feature which provides number of data and statistics for developing various reports for department and individual performances, sessions, leaves and other activities.

  • Facilitates the department to maximize education and training, service delivery, work/ life balance, morale, and ultimately patient care.
  • Build Rosters in minutes not hours, helps in efficient use of human and financial resources
  • Release highly qualified staff back to patient care
  • Safe guarding the quality of medical work force and future consultants
  • Transparency and fairness for staff
  • Minimizing fatigue for happier, more productive workforce
  • Minimizing the risk of banding appeals and referrals
  • Real time online support
  • Cost effective customizable solution

Software Development for Consumer Medical Devices:

Software has an important role to play in data collection, visualization and analysis of healthcare information. Specifically, the software application developed for medical devices/processes can enhance patients experience to their health. Software application could further be integrated with Electronic Medical Record system. The software for medical devices could either be:

  • Stand-alone software to allow a patient understand their medical condition
  • Integration with EMR to consolidate all patient history and provide meaningful analysis

We provide Software Development Services to the medical device manufacturers so that the device manufacturer can focus on developing the devices while we provide a quality software application.

MedSoftSys has developed a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for a remote physiological measurement for patients through their mobile devices.

Information System:

Electronic Health Record is necessary software for making the medical practice and process more efficient. MedSoftSys provides various services for increasing the efficiency of your medical practice or improving your EHR/EMR software:

  • Integration with other EMRs
  • Converting existing EMR/EHR to a web-based/cloud based system from Stand-alone software application
  • Developing EMH/EHR Components such as Billing, Scheduling, Decision Support, Patient Portal/PHR
  • Developing and Modifying EMR/EHR components to obtain the Certification for your Software Application

Such Changes can allow achieving competitive edge for your company, since such changes would:

  • Reduce
    • Medical Errors
    • Provide Useful Feature Set for your EMR System
    • Reduces Cases such as Drug Allergy Incidents
  • Increase
    • Efficiency for Doctor
    • Patient History and its Documentation Proces
    • Clinical Decisions
    • Resource Allocation
  • Strengthen
    • Data Security
    • Privacy Protection

Medical Application Development:

A healthcare service provider needed help consolidating patient data from a variety of disparate sources. MedSoftSys developed the application to extract, transform, and convert all the medical data from various sources into a standard format, uploading it into a health management program and integrate the overall environment.

Legacy System Improvements:

Legacy systems have huge data and therefore it cannot be easily replaced. MedSoftSts developed clinical tele-monitoring software in order to enhance the performance of the existing legacy system. The project immensely benefited the client by allowing them to:

  • Minimized Data Corruption Probability
  • Develop and Interface a New Data backing platform in order to Avoid Loss of clinical Information
  • Maximized Efficiency
  • Centralized Operations

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