Embedded Systems

At MedSoftSys Inc. we have a strong focus on device driver development, Embedded Systems, Network Systems, System Software & Utilities and Mobile Computing. Through our extensive experience in working with Micro-controllers, CPUs, RTOSs, and Protocol Stack we are able to provide complete embedded solutions for several products and systems. MedSoftSys provides Device Driver and System Level Software Development services to hardware manufacturers and software development companies.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Network device drivers on Windows 95/98/NT/2K/Me, Solaris, Linux,Unixware, SCO
  • Openserver, Netware, and VxWorks.
  • Storage/Fiber channel device drivers on Linux/Windows
  • Wireless LAN device drivers on Linux/Windows
  • USB device drivers on Linux/Windows
  • Embedded Linux Board Support Packages.
  • Protocols such as LACP (IEEE 802.3 ad), TCP/IP, and 1394.
  • Storage/Raid device drivers on SVR4 based Unix systems.
  • Unix internals and Streams
  • Linux Internals
  • Wireless LAN protocols 802.11
  • Real time operating system porting

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