Company Overview

Software development process has seen a fundamental shift in terms of becoming a more distributed, low cost and process centric model. In order to provide a significant cost savings, the software development process is usually offshored. However the management of such process is usually a bottleneck leading to significant delays for a small or a medium size project due to communication gap between the offshored center and the company. The productivity loss as a result of such offshoring further reduces the cost advantages associated with offshoring software design and development. However, the offshoring is effective for a large size project if the overall project management & software process management can be done locally in a cost effective way while distributing the process of software development so that the product can be developed round the clock.

MedSoftSys Inc. is a US based software design and development company with its operations in USA and UK. The company is primarily engaged in developing the software through two different processes depending upon the size of the project. MedSoftSys Inc is therefore able to help the companies implement a process which is in accordance with the varying economic trends in software & system design and service delivery areas. Software development resources are now offered through more distributed, process-centric, low-cost global delivery models which rely on using local/near-shore and offshore facilities. Through the existing partnership models, MedSoftSys provides the Software & System development for projects which can be distinguished in two broad categories:

Small & Medium Size Projects: Executed through the local team to provide significant boost in software development productivity while ensuring competitive cost of software development as comparable to offshoring.

Large Projects: Executed through two teams; the local team is responsible for all management, and design, while offshore team is responsible for co-development with local team and all testing.

Advantages of working with MedSoftSys Inc.:

  • Cost savings
  • Development team scalability based on projects
  • Rapid time to market
  • Extensive quality assessment and testing
  • High quality development and delivery

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