About Us

MedSoftSys is a software and Embedded Systems development company with its locations in USA and UK. It provides a full range of custom software development, IT integration, system deployment and support services to various industry segments. MedSoftSys provides effective “Integration Technology Services” in order to allow business save time and money thereby, increasing the efficiency of these organizations.

MedSoftSys has highly experienced team in several domains such as healthcare, finance, ecommerce, accounting and transportation among others. The company has developed several highly secured, cloud based software solutions.

MedSoftSys team has developed more than 50 products till this date for various organizations. The team has rich experience in developing systems which can support millions of simultaneous users with complete system data backups, disaster recovery plan and full support for all our products.

We, at Medsoftsys, are aware that creating client oriented software takes a mixture of technical excellence and clear communication. We ensure a clear communication and understanding of the requirements thereby delivering a custom solution to each organization in an affordable price.

Expert Developers:
  • MedSoftSys Inc has certified experienced and expert developers with proven experience to execute projects in a cost effective way.
  • MedSoftSys Inc is located in the State of Florida. This provides an easy communication with the customers without any loss in productivity.
  • At MedSoftSys Inc we help our customers create innovative software products. A client usually comes with a concept. Our team analyzes the concept, converts it into “Requirements & Specifications” and develops entire systems. Our team of experienced Managers & Analysts can bring creative ideas about software product features and capabilities to make sure that software is user friendly and intuitive to use.
Quality Guarantee:
  • We assure the delivery of a defect free software application to all of our clients. The company follows a structured process to ensure the high quality of development services.
Success Record:
  • We have record of successful projects at MedSoftSys Inc.